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copy the data


Paste the DatA In To The Form


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What is the data entry job online

We have a website for second hand products. .We have huge data of second hand products pending to be updated on our website.We are looking for people to copy and paste the data in to our website. If you have computer and internet connection then you are eligible for this work.

Step No 1: You log in to our website with username and password we provide

Step No 2: After login you will get Forms and data of second hand products

Step No 3: you copy and paste the data in to the form ( You do not have to type anything pure copy and paste job)

Step No 4: Once you fill up 5,000 form we will transfer Rs 10,000 to your bank account

We give you a username and password using which you can log in to our website. Once you log in you will get both forms and data in our website. Data will be of second hand mobile,Computer, Motor bikes and Cars etc. What you have to do is copy the data and paste it in to the form.

This is not a typing job. You log in to our website, then copy the data and paste it in to the form. This is a copy paste online job.These data and forms will be available 24/7 on our website. You can log in and submit them when when ever you are fee. Since no typing is involved there are no chances of you making any mistake.

It should normally take 1 minute to 2 minutes to fill up one form and on an average you can fill up to 30 forms in an hour. We pay Rs 2 per form you submit,that means you can very much earn at least Rs 1,000 every day if you work hard.

To make it more interesting instead of paying monthly we pay you when ever you complete 5,000 forms. That means if you complete 5,000 forms in 2 days the next day i.e 3rd day we will transfer Rs 10,000 to your bank account.

If you take 10 days to complete 5,000 forms then 11th day money would be transferred to your account. There are no deadlines for this job you can even take months to complete it. The moment you complete 5,000 forms the very next day we pay you Rs 10,000.

Nidhish Menon CEO (homejobonline.in)

Nitish Menon (CEO)

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When can i receive the payment?

We will transfer the amount your bank details once you complete 5,000 forms.

How do you track the forms I submit

The foms you submit will be available in your account. You can always check how many form you submitted. When was the last time you logged in etc.

How long does it take to finish a form

One form can be submitted in 1-2 minutes

How many forms will I get in a day

There is no such limit, forms will be available 24/7 in your account

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