Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nature of the Program?

This is an online earning program introduced by Koovs It Solution for part time earners, students, house wives and retired persons to earn money from Internet at their spare time.

How this works?

In this program you have to copy and paste the dat in to the form availableinour website

Do i need a website to join this program?

No. You don't need to own a website to join this program.

Is this a guaranteed Job?

Yes of course, this is a 100% guaranteed Job.

Do i need any skills or experience to post ads?

Absolutely not. Your Basic Computer Knowledge such as browsing and typing is enough for you to post ads

Do you provide any work tutorials?

Yes We provide Video tutorial about the work to all the Registered members

How much do you pay per form

We pay Rs 2 per form

How long does it take to fill up one form

On an average ittakes 1 minute to 2 minutes to fill up one form

When can i receive the payment?

You can withdraw your earnings once you complete 5000 forms

How will i be receiving the payments?

You can withdraw your payments by Cheque or NEFT transfer.

How do you track the forms we submit

All of the forms you submit will available for editing and for counting in your account under " My adverts". You can alsways check how much form you submitted , when was the last time you logged in etc. Like wise we can also check yoour account under our administrator area

Do i need to generate a sale or visitor to get paid?

No,This is not a sales job. as yoon as you submit the form you are eligible for Rs 2 per form. We are not selling any thing here

Is there ant help line Number or email

Yes, our 24/7 help line Number is 9744415521 

How long does it take to submit a form

It should not take more than 2 minutes to complete a form.

How many forms will i get in a day

There is no such limit, forms would be available 24/7 in your account. When ever you log in you will get the form.